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50 Questions for Shadowrun Characters

This is mainly aimed at the players of my Shadowrun game, but reasonably useful in any roleplaying game, modified to suit.

General Questions

1) What is the character’s sex?

2) What is the character’s physical size?

3) What is the character’s general appearance? (How does s/he dress, what might someone seeing the character for the first time think?)

4) What is the character’s name? Give both full birth name as well as nicknames, street names etc.

5) Where was the character born?

6) What is the character’s date of birth?

What about Family?

7) What was the character’s family life like?

8) What is the character’s current relationship with his/her family?

9) If the character’s family is still alive, what do they do, and where do they live?

10) Has the character begun his own family?

11) What serious relationships has the character had, and what happened in them?


12) Does the char have a SIN?

13) Where/how was the character educated?

14) What did the character do before becoming a shadowrunner?

15) Why did the character leave his/her old job (if s/he had one)?

16) What led the character to become a shadowrunner?

17) Is the character a full-time shadowrunner?

18) Why is the character still running the shadows? (instead of getting a “real” job)

19) Where does the character live? Why? Does the character have other apartments?

20) Where did the character learn his skills?

21) How did the character come to know his/her contacts?

Personality – the character in a nutshell

22) What is the character’s moral code?

23) Does the character have any goals in life?

24) What are the character’s views on politics and religion?

25) What religion (if any) does the character follow?

26) What is the character’s personality?

27) Does the character have any particular habits?

28) What special qualities does the character posses?

29) What is the character’s best quality?

30) What is the character’s worst quality?

31) Are there certain things the character just cannot do?

32) What does the character think is the most important thing s/he’s ever done?

A Question of Emotions

33) What does the character fear the most?

34) What does the character desire the most?

35) What things, people or ideas does the character hate?

36) What things, people or ideas does the character love?

37) Which person(s) or group(s) does the character hate the most?

38) Which person(s) or group(s) does the character love the most?

39) Which person(s) or group(s) is the character most loyal to?

Character Trivia Question

40) What is the character’s favourite colour?

41) What is the character’s favourite food & drink?

42) What (if any) is the character’s favourite form of art?

43) What music does the character listen to?

44) Which place would the character most like to visit? Why?

45) What pastime gives the character most enjoyment?

46) What (regular) pastime gives the character least enjoyment?

47) What annoys the character the most?

48) What is the character’s most treasured possession? Why?

49) Does the character have any good luck charm? What is it, and why?

50) What are the character’s three most common dreams?
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