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Due to the fact that I am intending to move to Melbourne within the next year, I have started packing already.

Now, the main problem is that I have too much stuff for that house, which is making it awkward to do the packing as I don't have enough free space to go through everything. What I really need to do is get rid of some of the stuff I have so that I have enough space to go through the rest.

The solution is put stuff into storage until I need it. While I could put stuff into storage up here, it kind of makes more sense to ship it down to Melbourne gradually and put it in storage there, that way there's less work required when I actually do the move. I will most likely have an option of shipping some stuff down sometime in the next three or four weeks, so I'm doing the planning for it now.

There's two options. First option would be to hire a storage unit for a while. I did that while I was moving out of Kangaroo Point and into my current place, and that worked well. The place I had cost $121 a month, but it was only a small place that I was using to store boxes. I will definitely need a bigger place this time as I'm intending to move a couch, at least one bed, a number of bookcases and lots of boxes in just the first load.

Second option would be for someone to store this stuff for me. Possible, but doubtful. Most of the people I know down there tend to have just barely enough room for all there own stuff, let alone any of mine!

I used Nation Storage up here in Brisbane when I last moved, and they seemed pretty good, so I have no problems with using them again. The problem is that I don't know enough about Melbourne to know where I'm going. I've visited Brunswick, Richmond and St Kilda, and liked all those places, so they are the theoretical places I might be living.

National Storage has lots of locations in Victoria. The one in Prahran is near St Kilda, there's one in Brunswick, and the one in Collingwood is near Richmond, so they are the ones I'm thinking of going for. Currently the Collingwood one it top on the list because it's fairly central, and reasonably close to Brunswick as well as Richmond. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Anyone willing to help be the liaison at that end? Anyone with any further suggestions? Thoughts? Problems?
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