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The Game is Afoot!

Trying to get organised, don't laugh!

Firstly, could nicked_metal, mareth_redorb and arienmir email me at aj(at)randomevent(dot)net from your preferred email addresses. I want to start talking about That Game™. Could one of you also get Denis to email me as well so he can be included?

Secondly is the Shadowrun game. Current players (and characters) are:
* Sim - The Twins (Adepts)
* Jason - Ex-Sports Star Mystic Adept
* Mark - Ex-Military man Adept
* Larry - Face Adept with technological problems (character not finalised)
* Mr Christian - Manic Street Preacher? (character not finalised)
* Mr Nick - Mob Porn-Mage (don't ask)

illdrinn, you still want to play? We currently don't have a Technomancer, and I figured that would be right up your alley. :)

We currently have 7 (theoretical) players, with space for one more, so if you're in the Sydney area (or willing to travel to the Sydney area) and want to play in my Shadowrun game once every month or two, let me know.

First actual game session will be Saturday the 24th of June, from 3pm until about 11pm (give or take depending on the players). I will be staying at Sim and Jason's place again, so those of you who haven't finished character should turn up from about midday so we can finish the characters before the game.
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