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I've been in a very depressive mood for the last couple of weeks, and I don't know why.

For those who don't know, I am a border-line manic-depressive. I have the manic swings and the depressive swings, but I am able to control it, and can get myself out of the moods fairly easily if I want to.

This depressive swing I haven't been able to get out of, and it's driving me nuts.

Of course, being down in the dumps like this also means I haven't been sleeping well. Not sleeping well tends to make my back worse, which makes me sleep worse, which makes me more depressed, etc... You get the picture.

Hopefully I get out of this soon. That's the main reason why not much has been in my Live Journal lately. When I get depressed, I seem to suffer from a large case of can't-be-bothered.

Anyway, I have a reasonable amount of things going on over the next two weeks.

Dad's driving to Brisbane on Tuesday, for a medical on Wednesday, so they can give him his Dangerous Goods License back (long story). Glenn (my brother) is coming up with him (so that he's not taking the trip alone, which is a good thing), and they're both crashing here Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I'll probably be cooking tea for the three of us on one of the two nights, most likely Wednesday.

Daniel's Bucks party is on this Friday. What I'll be doing at a straight man's bucks party, I'm not sure, but I'll be there for the immoral support anyway.

Saturday is Amaya's (illdrin) Uberpartei IV. Should be fun.

Next Saturday (21st September) is Daniel and Tanya's wedding up at Maleny. It's Saturday afternoon, so with the drive up, the ceremony, the reception, and the drive back I'm going to be staying overnight up there, and coming back Sunday. Well, it's not exactly their wedding, as they've already gotten married while they were in London, but it's the public ceremony so their parents don't kill them!

Oh, and I spent the afternoon at Stephen's (paradigmshifty) place with Aaron (for part of it), Stephen, Scott and Kolya, and a electronic visit from Mel and Mari. Much fun was had by all. (And Mari? It wasn't my fault, I promise).


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