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Random is grumpy!

I don't deal well with the cold.

The big problem with the place I'm currently living, as with most of the older places in Queensland, is that it's designed for Summer not Winter. This means that it's drafty.

Drafty is great in Summer, as that means that the house picks up the slightest breeze which is needed in the Queensland Summer, but that's not good in Winter where the house is almost the same temperature as the outside world. I tried heating the house last Winter, but then the Electricity bill came in and I decided that wasn't a good idea.

Overall, Melbourne is actually going to be less of a problem with the cold for me than Brisbane is. Melbourne is designed for Winter, so the houses are easier to keep warm, and dressing up for the warmth is easy to do, just not practical inside the house here.

So, I've been having a really crappy week. Back and neck are fairly well out, I hurt like hell, and as a result I'm not sleeping well.

I've got a Chiropractor appointment tonight, so I'll be feeling better tomorrow, but that hasn't helped for the week up to this point. This was compounded by the fact that my boss is off at a conference today. This meant that the bit that I had been working on needed to be at a stage for him to demo when he left yesterday afternoon at 4:30. As a result I deliberately forced myself to come in early yesterday (early for me, that is) so I could get it working to my satisfaction.

Normally I come in when I'm able to, and work till I leave. My "official" work hours are 11:00am to 6:30pm, but in Winter I tend to start later than that (11:30 or 12:00) and if I don't have anything making me leave early I work until about 7:00pm.

Yesterday I was in at work and working by 10:30 and worked solidly all day. However, I paid for it. When Petey walked out the door at about 5:00pm, my brain melted and I got nothing further done all day. Waking up this morning was painful, and I am quite amazed that I managed to get in by 11:30 today. I'm in today until 5:30pm when I have to leave for my Chiropractor appointment, and I can guarantee that I'm not going to get anything done. It's a good thing that Petey isn't here today, and what I'm supposed to be working on is mostly thinking how we're going to be doing something and not actually having to do much.

At the moment I am seriously considering printing up a sign saying "Random is Grumpy" and putting it on the back of my chair as a warning to everyone else. Already today I've wanted to kill one of my cow-orkers simply because the sound of his voice was grating on my nerves.

Plans for tonight are after my Chiropractor appointment, to go home, have dinner and feed the kids, read for a bit, and then go to bed early and hopefully get a full nights sleep. That would be nice.
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