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Trimming the Excess

I own too much stuff. That's a given.

Moving across town, I can cope with this. Moving to another state however, is another matter.

In an attempt to get rid of some of this stuff I'm going to start giving it away. Here's the first batch.

  • Three 15" CRT monitors
  • A mono VCR
  • A filing cabinet

All three monitors work, and are to be given away individually or as a group. The VCR also works.

The filing cabinet is one of those RTA (Ready To Assemble) things made out of chipboard/mdf/whatever cover in that icky black laminate that thought it looked like wood. It's three drawers, and theoretically is supposed to lock, except for the fact that they forgot to drill a hole when they built it, so it doesn't. However I will include the key for it (if I can find it).

If anyone wants them let me know. Of course, Brisbane area is preferred, unless you want to pay for transport, and they're not worth that much! :)

The monitors and the VCR I could probably transport to someone in Brisbane, the filing cabinet is the responsibility of whoever wants it. Anyone want this stuff? There will be more.
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