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The First Step...

Up to this point, my moving to Melbourne has been nothing but talk.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely want to but nothing so far has been actually done.

That changed today.

paradigmshifty is moving the last bit of his stuff from Brisbane to Melbourne, and he offered for me to add some of my stuff to the load. So I did.

It wasn't much, mainly just stuff that I either don't have the space for or don't have the time for (or both). But it was enough.

Sent in this load was: One lounge single chair, one single bed (in pieces), one single bed (not in pieces), one queen bed (in pieces), one single mattress, one queen mattress, one couch, one computer desk on wheels, one dining table, two bookcases, and eight boxes.

It's made a huge difference in the amount of space in that house, which will make all the rest of the organisation and packing a hell of a lot easier. The odd thing is that it's made me nervous, in that it's finally hit me that I am actually going ahead with this. The oddest thing is that I find this case of nerves oddly comforting.

So now I have to do something, either way. If I move, I have to pack and actually move. If I don't move then I will have to organise to have the stuff I've sent down to be sent back. I have to do something.

Small steps, small steps...
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