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A week (and a bit) in review...

It's been one of those weeks.

Due to the fact there seems to be people out there who care about what I do, here's a review of the last 10 days or so.

Monday 9th - A standard day at work. The only thing memorable about that day was my usual personal torture session Monday night with Jodi. The shoes I've been using at the gym are almost dead, and I only bought them just before Christmas last year. Less than nine months and they're already dieing.

Tuesday 10th - Another standard work day, except for the fact I have a physio appointment in the morning. $38 per week on physio for the last couple of years may sound like a lot of money (and it is) but for me it's worth it.

This was also the day that my father and brother (Glenn) were arriving for a few days. Dad had a medical the next day, and Glenn came down with him to keep him company (and to spend money). So of course, I'm at work, thinking that I might try and finish earlier than my usual 6pm finish. At 4:30 I get told that the little project I've been working on for a while (which isn't really needed for at least another couple of weeks) is being demo'd to the client who was intending to buy it at 11:00 am the next morning, and by the way, if we screw this up, we'll probably loose our biggest customer, and have to fire people.

No pressure, honest.

As a result I don't actually leave until 6:30. Dad and Glenn had arrived at my place at about 4:00pm and had taken a few walks around the neighbourhood waiting for my expected 6 pm arrival.

As a result of that, I couldn't be bothered cooking tea, so Dad and I walk down to Subway and eat there instead (Glenn couldn't be bothered, and instead went to bed. Since he'd been up since 5:00pm the previous day, he was forgiven).

Dad brings with him one of the Wedding presents for Daniel and Tanya, a mixed dozen of wines from Riversands Winery, the winery out in St George where my parents lived, and where Daniel lived for a while.

Wednesday 11th - Since I was given Dad a lift into his medical, I had to get up early, and cope with rush hour traffic. Not a nice way to start the day. But Dad got in to his appointment, Glenn went into the city (and had McDonalds for breakfast) and I went to work early and scared people.


It's at about this point that I'd like to get on my soapbox. September 11. GET OVER IT! Yes it was a horrible tragedy. Yes, a lot of people lost their lives to it. But, more people lost their lives on that day because of other things. How do you think that someone who lost their only son on that day because of childhood cancer is going to feel when they are told "The WTC attack is more important"?

I get Foxtel. That's about 40 channels in total, 5 of the free to air ones, plus another 35 or so. On the night of September 11, 2002, all five free-to-air channels were showing the live telecast from the site, as were about 10 of the cable channels. Plus there were another 10 or so channels showing "September 11" related programming. Plus most of the rest were putting "September 11" memorials and the like in the add breaks. Even ESPN was showing the live telecast.

I appreciate the sentiment, but please, get over it.


Dad passed his medical with flying colours, so he gets his dangerous goods license back, and can get back to real work.

For tea, I cook Burrito's for the three of us. Neither Dad nor Glenn have ever had Burrito's, so it's a new experience for them. Dad likes them so I can see him and Mum having them at home in future.

Dad also tries Lemon Diet Coke while here, and he liked it as well. Being a diabetic, finding new things that he likes is a good thing.

Thursday 12th - Dad and Glenn leave, and since I parked them in it means that I have to get up early again. They leave early, so I get to work early again.

Now, people may think I'm just being lazy by complaining about getting up early, but for me it's a real pain. I don't sleep all that well at the best of times, so getting up early means I'm running on much less sleep. Two nights in a row, I'm in a world of sleep deprivation. As a result after work I go to the gym, and then die (still haven't replaced my shoes yet).

Friday 13th - Black Friday! Kmart was another 15% off, no deposit lay-by sale. So after finishing work early Stephen (paradigmshifty) and I go to Kmart at Indooroopilly and shop! For someone who said they weren't intending to get much Stephen got more than I did ($900 compared to my $500). I got a new tool kit, some DVD's, water filter, Lego and a new 34cm TV to replace the one in my bedroom.

After getting home, I do a quick shower and change, and then off to Daniel's Bucks night. As far as Daniel and Tanya (the happy couple) know, they are meeting another pair of friends for dinner. They arrive, the girls grab Tanya, the guys grab Daniel, and we're off...

Now, what are the main things that happen on a Bucks night? Drinking and strip clubs. I don't drink much at all, and I'm gay, so I was in for a potentially boring night. However all the guys are really good friends so I enjoyed it anyway. We started at the Irish pub at the south end of the Valley Mall (Kenny's?), then to Macarthurs HQ, then The Indy Temple, and finally to The Minx strip club. While it's not the polite thing to talk about what goes on at a Bucks Night I did enjoy myself, and got to bed about 4:00am.

Saturday 14th - I pick up the other of Daniel and Tanya's presents (a framed pair of cards with their names, definitions and descriptions) from the framing shop at Chermside Shopping center.

That night Uberpartie IV hosted by Amaya (illdrin) and Mason. Enough of the details are listed on other people LJ's and web sites, so I'll skip most of the description except for a few small items.

Spencer is cute! Why is it I always fall in lust for the ones that don't go my way?

Ran into two old friends, Darryl (ashfallen) and Darian (dvoid), so I've added both of them to my LJ friends list.

Got home at about 4:30 in the morning.

Sunday 15th - Recovery. I needed it. Cooked beef stir-fry with veggies and Oyster sauce. One of the good things about not living with Wayne anymore is that I don't have to pander to his allergies anymore!

Monday 16th - Work, gym, still haven't bought new shoes, had Burrito's for tea again. Missed taping the first 15 minutes of 24. If anyone was a copy of this episode of 24 on tape can I borrow? I'm intending to save the entire series and watch it all later.

Tuesday 17th - Another physio appointment before work, and then after work Maj Jongg at Amaya's (illdrin) place. There was much geeking and sillyness. I remembered how to play Maj Jongg again. There was Stephen (paradigmshifty), Kai, Aaron, myself and Amaya there.

At work my boss was evil to me! We've had a little project going for a while on the Palm and Pocket PC platform. It's gone through a number of name changes, and now that someone has decided to buy it they've finally decided on it's official name. So I went through the code changing all the internal references, etc, and then tested it out on my Palm to ensure I had everything. I then wandered over to Pete (the IT Manager and my boss) to show him the application menu of the Palm with the icon for our software sitting there, in happy-boppy mood.

He takes one look at it, and immediately says "It's spelt wrong". Of course it wasn't spelt wrong, but I did the momentary freak before realizing.

He's mean to me. :-)

Wednesday 18th - Another normal day at work, followed by feeding Jeff and then Poker. I gave Daniel the two wedding presents, but he didn't open them straight away because Tanya wasn't there. Poker ended up finishing early, so I went with Daniel over to Kelly's place which is where Tanya was so they could open the presents.

Since I put a lot of effort into choosing presents like this, I like to be there when people open them so I can see their reactions.

They loved both presents, so I'm happy.

Kelly and Tanya of course were there, as was Sonya, and Kelly's brother Mat.

I'd just like to go out on a limb and say I don't like Mat. For a start he's a homophobe. He usually hides it well, but not when he's been drinking. Considering the normal circumstances of me seeing Mat is at a party where he has been drinking, I don't get along that well with him.

Add that to the fact of how Kelly's parents have used her to get him off their hands, I don't like him.

Kelly had to move out of her previous place because the person who lived there was coming back and the deal was that Kelly could stay there until they came back. She was thinking of moving in with me, which I didn't have a problem with. However her parents (who live up on the North Coast) heard about this and started doing the guilt trip on Kelly for her to get a place with Mat and get him off their hands. Considering all the inconsiderate and selfish things that Mat has done to her, the only reason she agreed was to shut them up.

As far as I am aware, her intention is to put up with him for a while, and if he doesn't pull his socks up she's going to leave him and move in with someone she wants to.

And that brings me up to today. Since I'm caught up, I'll put today in a separate post.

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