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php Configuration issues

If you aren't computer minded, you probably will just want to skip this post.

Any one out there know much about php, specifically about configuration?

I'm the web monkey for the World of Warcraft guild I'm in, Cold Blood. I've gotten the forums working without a problem, and now I'm trying to get the next stage of the site moving with the addition of the Guild Roster.

Now, this is done by using a product called WowRoster. What you do is you install an addon into your World of Warcraft application, and it gathers character and guild information and saves it to a file. Once you exit the game, you then upload the file to the WowRoster product which imports it all to it's database and then displays it, so we have an up to date list of the Guild members and their capabilities.

The problem I'm having is in uploading the files. The php system on the website has the "open_basedir" restriction in place. This means that the system will only let you access files that are within the specified directories (or sub-directories), making the system secure against tampering. The problem is that the default upload directory is not listed in the open_basedir directive, so while I can upload the files to the server properly, I can't actually process them, making the entire process useless.

The phpinfo() for the site lists the open_basedir as "D:\Hosting\randomevent\random\wowcoldblood.com" which is the physical location on the server where the website root is located. However, the default upload directory is "C:\uploadtemp\" which is not under that directory.

I've been speaking (well, emailing actually) with the tech support guy at my web host, and he says that the has added the upload directory to the php.ini file (located at "C:\WINDOWS\php.ini" according to the phpinfo()) but it's not recognising the change. I know there's a lot of smart, tech savy people out there, so what are we missing?

This is driving me up the wall, because it's one of the essential things that we want on the web site.
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