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Yay! They were useful!

I actually got some use out of my FlyBuys points today.

For those who don't know, FlyBuys is a rewards program offered by the Coles Myer group of companies. You use your card when shopping at their stores which give you points which theoretically you can redeem for stuff. Originally all you could redeem your points for was free flights (hence the name) but that got expanded to include other stuff.

Now I suppose for a normal family you would be able to earn enough points to actually get some reward, but since your points expire three years after getting them it's not that easy to get enough points if you're just a single person.

However, my points statement for the quarter just came in, and due to a few special promotions I had actually acquired a reasonable amount of point (14,651 to be exact), however about 1,000 of those points were due to expire in the next couple of months, so I thought I'd actually have a look at what rewards were available in my price range.

Mostly it was disappointing stuff that I would never want, but in the end I did end up finding something I wanted. I was going to swap 13,500 points for a $100 Coles Myer gift card, but instead I thought of a better idea. So I now have 13,500 points less, and a $100 Virgin Blue travel voucher that I'm going to use on my flights down to Unicon.

I will again be bringing my Filthy Assistant, and the current plan is to travel down the night of Thursday the 28th of September, and travel back the night of Tuesday the 3rd of October. See you there!
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