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A look at Technomancers

From http://forums.dumpshock.com

From a RP perspective, Technomancers talk to and rely on sprites even more than Magicians do to Spirits. And unlike Spirits, which are actually quite visible to other people, Sprites exist entirely in inaccessible chat rooms most of the time. Technomancers, therefore, are way farther into the realm of crazy-talk than are Magicians. Sort of.

The thing that sets them apart is that everyone else is talking to their Matrix chat-room buddies in AR all the time too! Because Technomancers spend all their time talking to entities on-line, they actually fit into mundane society much better than Magicians do. The absolute crazy-talk isn't even visible to the naked eye. When they say "I'm talking to my forum friends" - that's completely reasonable for a person in 2070 to be doing. The fact that the "forum friends" are actually made out of the forum rather than being other enthusiasts around the world is nuts - but not immediately obvious to those around them.

So most TMs are going to come off as obsessive fans. Of something. Maybe an old trid show, maybe a pen and paper RPG. They need to check in with their forum several times a day - and we certainly don't know anyone like that, do we?

The thing is, if you actually go in depth research on a Technomancer's stories, they don't add up. The trid show they obsess over was never actually aired. The forum they are always reading doesn't "exist" and the commlink they are always typing on has been broken for months. If you investigate a TM's stories closely, they are like A Beautiful Mind - none of the people, places, or events the Technomancer interacts with on a daily basis are "real".

But of course, they are real - just in a Resonance Realm, not here. They come off as Comic Book Guy, but it turns out that they're talking to space aliens. If you look at them peripherally they appear to be obsessives. If you look at them closer it appears that they are completely delusional. But unfortunately if you look at them even closer it turns out that they are sane and you are crazy. Good times.


Mainly for Amaya's benefit, since she's theoretically going to be playing one.
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