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The events for Unicon are up, and I'm currently going over my options.

I've already signed up for the two other Freeforms (Singles Night and The Underground Movement) and now I'm trying to work out what else I want to play in.

Of the tabletops, a number of them look good. The ones I like the look of because of the people running them are Exanima Nocturna (it's a Peter Strong game, but I don't think it's The Peter Strong game, if you get my meaning), Excelcius Deo by Fi (Yay, 7th Seas again!) Memories (goodie, I get to break nicked_metal again!), Pick Your Poison (I like Scott as a GM) and Star Wars: Weapons of a More Civilised Age (only because it's Jye). Of the others, Demon Tower sounds intriguing, In Utero sounds just plain weird, and Like Clockwork could be fun.

However, the main problem is that it's a 7 session convention where I'm running a game in one session (maybe more) and playing in two other freeforms in two sessions, so that doesn't leave much space left.

So, who else is going and what do you want to play?

However, I have to say one thing: It's nice going in to a convention and not have to worry about preparing for the game. Everything is already written and ready.
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