Random (halloranelder) wrote,

More give-aways

Stephen, the IT monkey here at work, has been going through the copious quantities of miscellaneous stuff we have around here.

It's the nature of the business that we quite often have to keep close to the cutting edge of some technology, which means that we tend to have the older bits just lying around for a while. Stephen is currently working out what we need to keep and what isn't worth it.

As a result I have 4 Handspring Visor Prism PDA's in my possession. I will probably keep one of them, but if anyone wants one they are welcome to them. They are a Palm based system, colour but only 160x160 resolution. Each one has a cradle for data synchronising and charging (and the appropriate charger) and I'll make a copy of the install CD for each of them.

A couple of them look a bit beat up (they were on mine sites after all) but they still work well. The only "problem" with them is they are old, and as a result the rechargeable batteries don't hold a full charge as well as they used to. However, it's easy enough to pick up new batteries for them (about $14 each from eBay) so if anyone wants one I can easily buy a couple new batteries and you can pay for battery.

Let me know if anyone is interested.
Tags: geekery, giveaway

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