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Eek, Expensive!

Work again today, finished about 6, got home, got changed and went to the gym for another torture session with Jodi. I still hadn't gotten around to getting new shoes.

I was doing one exercise with free weights, where I have one knee on a bench, the arm on that side supporting me, and the other arm lifting the weight. We'd done a couple of them, and Jodi got me to reposition the foot that was on the floor. As I was doing that, the bench, witch was one of the adjustable everything benches you get at gyms, decided to reposition itself. The handle that was supposed to lock itself in so that the bench didn't move anymore hadn't locked itself in completely, and because I was moving the leg that was one the ground all my weight was on the bench.

I don't think I've ever seen Jodi jump that much! She was very apologetic, but thankfully all my weight was on the back leg and not on my arm otherwise I could have had a serious accident.

After the gym, I went home, had a quick shower, got changed and then went shopping to buy some... new shoes!

My intention was to walk into the Foot Locker at Carindale (where I bought my previous pair), get another pair of the same for about $150, and leave. Unfortunately the pair I had aren't made anymore (changes in styles, models, etc) so I had to take the shop assistants word for things.

Now the main problem with me is I pronate a lot. For those who don't know the lingo (like me before Jodi explained it) that means my feet roll inwards a great deal. As a result I tend to destroy the inner sides of the shoes long before they wear out.

The previous pair were New Balance, but the sales geek recommended Brookes. They are supposed to be the best for pronating, however the price was $220. Since I don't want to screw my feet up I'm going to take his word for it, until I see Jodi. When I see her next Monday night I'll get her opinion, and if she doesn't think they're worth it I'll take them back and probably get another pair of New Balance

Good shoes are so expensive!

Plus I've also got to replace my work shoes, my good shoes, my thongs, etc, all for the same reason. Ugg!

I also talked to Jodi and she recommended going to see a podiatrist about my pronating. She also recommended getting Private Health cover before I go and see a Podiatrist, so I'm currently looking at the Medibank Private website.

Ain't life wonderful!

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