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My computer blew up on Saturday. I'm hoping it's just the power supply, as that's easily fixed. I picked up a new one this morning and will replace it tonight.

Travis moved in last week. As a result the house is a complete and utter disaster, with two houses worth of stuff in one house. However, it's not stressing me at all, which I'm finding a pleasant change. I think it's because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (ie the move to Melbourne) and I know this is necessary for that.

Told Mum that I was moving to Melbourne on the weekend. She's happy with it. Since I do a hell of a lot of travelling anyway, it simply means I'll be doing lots of flights from Melbourne to Maroochydore to visit them instead of lots of visits from Brisbane to Melbourne to visit friends. Means no more driving up for lunch, but I think we'll manage.

I feel in control at the moment, and it's a wonderful feeling. I have a convention in less than two weeks, and I don't actually have to do anything for it. There's a little bit of work I'm thinking of doing (printing out name badges and doing up some in game reference material) but I don't have to, so if I don't it doesn't matter. I have worked out what I'm doing financially, so there's a great deal of comfort from that.

At home I have all the business paperwork from the Hit Point, which closed at the end of June 2000. I just checked the Australian Taxation Office and I am only required to hold on to paperwork for 5 years, so once I get home it's all going into the bin. That will make me feel even better.

I had an epiphany last weekend. Before Travis moved in I had to clean out the spare room so he would have a place to move into. This involved packing a lot of stuff into boxes and moving it. At one point I was rushing around like a chook with my head chopped off trying to work out where to put something. I then stopped, looked at the item in my hand (I can't even remember what it was) and thought to myself "Do I actually give a shit about this?" The answer was no, so I threw it into the garbage and kept on going. Everything was much easier from that point on. As a result I completely filled the regular wheelie bin and recycling wheelie bin, and after the regular bin was emptied the Monday morning before Travis arrived I filled it again.

Both bins were emptied this morning, and I'm aiming to have them both full by Friday! :)

Monday of last week my Mum's sister Barbara arrived for a three month holiday. I spent yesterday up with them at Maroochydore, and noticed two things. Firstly, Mum wants to kill her already. Secondly, they are very much alike, which is probably why. :)

My cats are having an interesting time at the moment. Travis brought two cats with him when he moved (Una and Yakima). For the first few days they weren't allowed out of Travis' room so they would have time to settle. My guys knew they were there, because they could smell them under Travis' door, and could hear them, but there was no face to face meetings. Thursday night Travis let each of them out of his room, one at a time, for about 20 minuted or so, and then put them back. Xavier's first meeting with them involved a lot of hissing. Spitz, of course, decided the smart thing to do was to find a hiding spot and stay there, not coming out until they'd all gone away!

Over the last few days we've been gradually letting them meet, but only when at least one of us was there and awake. At night and when Travis goes to work his two are locked back into his room and my guys have the house to themselves for a little while. This is the best way to introduce cats to each other without fighting so they will get along in the long run.

I'm doing a rather silly thing and looking at computer parts, just in case I need to rebuild my computer. I think my next computer will be in one of these cases. Very nice looking, and should make it run better too. However, the next major computer purchase will be a UPS, since I'm currently just running with a very basic line filter. One of these looks like a good buy, and it's what my mother recommends (and when it comes to these sort of things that's more than enough of a reason to buy it). Also thinking of getting a new LCD monitor, so I can replace one of the CRT monitors I currently have and gain a little bit more desk space. I'd rather have two new LCD's to replace both CRT monitors.
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