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I seem to have picked up a cold. Bah! Typical, always happens on a weekend I'm going away. Oh well, I'll survive.

However, in good news, my game for Unicon seems to be going well. I have 13 pre-registered, 6 have already chosen characters and 5 of them have had their character sheets sent to them.

Even though I said minimum of 9 players for the game, 13 is the optimal minimum for it, so that's a good thing.

Current castings are as follows:
  • Mr David Atone - *

  • Mrs Hillary Atone - *

  • Sean Atone - *

  • Mr William Bets -

  • Mr Anthony Gallows - Eric Henry

  • Professor Michael Gentle -

  • Miss Jane Hampton - *

  • Mr Henry Kildare - *

  • Mr Andrew Thursten - Anyone who isn't merinnan's Father! :)

  • Mrs Catherine Thursten - merinnan

  • Mrs Glenys Torburg -

  • Mr Simon Trip -

  • Mr James Willborth -

  • Mrs Belinda Willborth -

  • Miss Angela Devlin - kunoichi_chan

Characters marked with a (*) are the characters that will most likely be skipped if I don't get a full game.

Character details can be found here.
Tags: conventions, gaming, roleplaying, unicon

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