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The Lifestyle Channel is evil!

The Lifestyle Channel is one of my favourite channels on Foxtel. Lots of great DIY shows, cooking shows, etc. Lots of fun.

Earlier in the evening they had Real Rooms (a DIY show where they renovate someone's room) and Ground Force (as above, but someone's garden, and it's a surprise), both BBC shows. Due to being out shopping I had missed them, however they are repeated at midnight/12:30 am, so I decided to watch them before going to bed.

Real Rooms was one I had seen before, where they renovated the Staff Room of a private girls school. Interesting.

Ground Force was annoying. In the show the team was doing up the back garden of Paul, as a surprise for Paul's wife. I'd guess Paul to be about 5'10", blocky build, obviously does a lot of physical labour for a job, not that smart, but a heart of gold and a great sense of humour, and a voice to die for!

I don't know what accent he had. I have no idea where they were (I do now, they were in Yate, Bristol, if that's any help to you), but I do know I could sit and listen to that voice for hours and hours. Deep, but not too deep, very lyrical and melodic, with the kind of trustworthiness you expect in the voice of a London Bobby.

The show was made in 1998, so a few years old now, but I have to say he was gorgeous, both physically and in personality.


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