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Hello Brisbane, welcome to traffic chaos

Brisbane is currently in the middle of some serious traffic problems.

Resurfacing work on the freeway caused part of it to be closed on the weekend. Not really a problem, as the weekend is the "slack" time, and they let everyone know about it well in advance.

However, they announced on the radio Sunday night that the Ann St on ramp to the freeway will be closed on Monday because they weren't quite finished. I usually use the Ann St on ramp, so I made plans to use another route home on Monday.

On Tuesday we discover that the reason that the Ann St on ramp was closed wasn't because they hadn't finished, but was because they found a small crack in it that they didn't like the look off. On Tuesday they found an even bigger crack, and as a result closed the Ann St on ramp and the parts of the Riverside Expressway that ran underneath it permanently (until it's fixed).

They have closed less than a km, but it has caused the worst traffic problems that I can ever remember in this city.

The two red lines I've added to the map show the section that's closed off. Traffic headed north on the freeway must take the Elizabeth St exit into the city, and traffic headed south on Coronation drive must either take the Roma St exit or the Turbot St exit.

It's not much, but it's enough. Normally anyone coming from the north-west section of the city heading south would be coming along Coronation Drive or Hale St (not labelled on the map, but it's the blueish lines at the top left of the map) onto the Riverside Expressway which turns into the freeway.

I didn't leave work Tuesday night until about 7:00pm, and it took me an extra 10 minutes to get home, most of that time was wasted travelling a 500m section of road to get out of the city centre. Wednesday morning my 15 to 20 minute drive into work took 50 minutes. Last night and this morning weren't as bad as people are now used to the problem, but there is currently no end in sight to the changes. All I can say is that I'm lucky I live so close to the city. If I lived further out it would have been worse.

The current newspaper article can be found here.
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