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The next batch of games

Game submissions for Arcanacon closed end of last month, and submission for Conquest close end of this month, so it's preparation time.

Arcanacon I am running Herakles: Premier Party, as I stated in a previous entry a while ago. The web page is up for it, though I haven't quite finished for two reasons. Firstly the character list isn't finished because I'm still writing the game. Second, I can't remember the full details on what I submitted. aeduna, could you send me what I submitted so I can fix up that bit? Mostly the ratings are going to be the most important bit to get right, but the full blurb as well would be good so I can make sure they match. Unfortunately you can't view the blurbs on AON once they are accepted.

For Conquest I am only doing two this time. I am running the latest in the Friday Night Poker series, this time the Firefly Edition. Should make all those Firefly/Serenity buffs out there happy. I am also rerunning Pathway to Eternity that I ran at Unicon 2005. Since it's only had a small exposure (only 12 players) it should be good to run again. Since Conquest is less than a month before the target move date, I think it best if I don't have a huge game on my plate during the lead up.

My brain came up with another game idea yesterday. A cargo hold full of alien abductee's! :) Not sure what I'm doing with it yet as it has the potential to be a very silly game or a very serious one. Hmm...
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