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Decision made

I made a decision last week. I didn't get a Lite n Easy delivery last week. I'm not going to get one this week either. I'm probably not going to ever again (except for maybe the occasional dinner packs to store in the freezer, just in case).

I worked out that I had been on the Lite n Easy diet for 2 years, 2 months and a day. It was great for getting the weight off initially, and was great while I was living alone. However, I'm not living alone any more, so that changes things. Plus I realised that I had gotten stuck in a rut again, so I figured it was time for a change. The biggest problem with Lite n Easy was that the menu was set, and you couldn't eat what you wanted to eat, whether or not what you wanted was healthy or not.

For instance, each week I would go onto their website and choose my food for the coming week. Breakfast and lunch each had two options for each day, and dinner was a choice of about 50 to 60 different dishes. I would have to have made my choices by 9:00 am Wednesday morning, so usually I did it Tuesday night. The food was delivered Thursday, for the start of the week on Friday. As a result, what I was eating on Wednesday and Thursday was from a choice I made over a week ago, and how am I supposed to know what I would want to eat (out of the two choices given) next week?

Theoretically I could eat the breakfasts and lunches out of order, but it was recommended not to as the early week meals tended to have the stuff that doesn't store long, so should be eaten first, while the late week meals were the longer life stuff. While they did change the menu 3 or 4 times a year, it was changing some of the dishes and not the whole menu, so I am a bit sick of getting the same stuff every time.

I probably would have continued with Lite n Easy if it wasn't for a visit to Koula's place a couple of weeks ago. Travis and I went over for dinner and to go ten pin bowling and play some games. While there I saw a book sitting on a chair which I had a look at. The book is called this=that, and it is the book that Koula is using to organise her diet.

It's not your normal diet book though. it's about A4 in size and full colour. Rather than saying what you can/can't, should/shouldn't have, it has full size photo's of what a "single serve" of the foods are. That way you can actually see how much you should be eating instead of trying to weigh portions and the like. We had a look at the book while we were at Koula's and I decided I liked what I saw.

When I got home I had a look at the website (http://www.foodtalk.com.au/). The author, a Trudy Williams, is a dietician at the Wesley Weight Management Clinic here in Brisbane, and seems to know her stuff. So I order a copy (just under $60 including postage). I got it, looked at it a lot, thought about things, worked things out and decided to try it. So I'm now on my own, sort of.

It's interesting to see how much energy is in certain foods. The fun thing is the vegetables. There is a list of what Trudy calls "light vegetables" that are high in nutrition but surprisingly low in energy, so you can basically eat as much of these veggies as you want. The list includes things like carrot, lettuce, cauliflower, mushroom, snow peas, peas, alfalfa sprouts and the like. These are all things I like eating raw, so lunches lately have been big salads of these veggies with a small tin of flavoured tuna thrown in. All in all it counts as a single serve of meat, and lots of light vegetables.

Travis likes cooking, so he's doing the dinners anyway (mostly vegetarian so a lot of the light vegetables). I would like to start cooking as well, except for one major problem. I haven't cooked dinner in over 2 years, so I am so out of practice that I can't remember what to do or how to do it all. So, any help (and any mostly vegetarian recipes) would be greatly appreciated.

It's taking a bit to get used to having to think for myself again as far as food is concerned (and actually having to take time to prepare the food on my own) but I'm getting there. However, I do have to say it is fun shopping for food again. I haven't really shopped for real food since before I started on Lite n Easy, and it is actually something I enjoy.

When I started on Lite n Easy I weighed 110kg. At my lowest at a year after I started I was down to 82kg. Since then I have been going to the gym almost religiously and as a result I have been putting on some muscle (just ask ozisim) so I'm up to about 86kg, but I feel that I have actually lost even more fat since then.

It's good.
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