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What horse race?

Today is "The Race That Stops a Nation", or at least the race that people use as an excuse to have a small party at work.

Melbourne Cup Day (1st Tuesday in November) is a public Holiday in Victoria but not the rest of the country, so people tend to set up the TV in the office and have a little party while they watch the race. It's the one sporting event that gets people who have no idea about it excited anyway, and even the complete novices have a flutter.

We have a Sweepstakes here at the office, and I'm entered in it. So, I want one of the eight horses that I've drawn to win, preferably either number 9 (Land 'N Stars) or 14 (Dizelle) as they are the ones I have in the $5 Sweeps. I have number 5 (Geordieland), 6 (Headturner), 13 (Zipping) and 15 (Ice Chariot) in the $2 Sweeps and number 7 (Short Pause) and 21 (Mandela) in the $1 Sweeps.

Not that I really care, but it's fun and the office really gets into it.

About half an hour till the race. I don't think much work is going to be done today! :)
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