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Design Help Please

I've moved four of my five websites over to the new host, and the only one remaining is http://www.hitpoint.com.au, and I should be updating the DNS records this week.

However, I have decided that I want to do something with the Hit Point site. If you look at the site as it currently stands, the one page that shows has been sitting there, static, for the last 6 years. Really, the only thing the site is used for is email and as a place to host my game pages (http://www.hitpoint.com.au/games).

That seems a waste to me.

What I want to do with it is roleplaying news and forums for the Australian roleplaying community. The issue I have is the Hit Point logo. It's sitting at the bottom of the current main page. That's the best copy I have of it, and that came from a scan of one of the old members cards. It's out of date and really needs an update.

The problem is that I have no idea what to do with it. While I am very good at getting existing ideas and tweaking them to suit my purpose, I am not very good at coming up with things from scratch. If I was to try and make a new logo, all I would make would be a variation on the original, and that's not really what I want.

Anyone else out there able to come up with something?

The new site I am working on is currently sitting here until I change the DNS server records, and that should give you an idea of what I have in mind. The layout and design that's showing there is from the 400 odd free templates that Coffee Cup software provide here. Again, it's a case of seeing something I like and changing it to suit my purpose, not making it up myself.

Second question is (to the Australian roleplayers in the audience), if I create the site like I want to, would you use it? Would you find roleplaying news and report it? Would you discuss roleplaying things on the forums?

I want to do this, but I don't want to waste my time. I think I need a bit of reassurance that it might actually succeed.

Edit: I've just updated the DNS records, so the Hit Point site will soon be pointing to the new location. I kept a copy of the old front page here which will point to the copy once the DNS records update.
Tags: computers, geekery, hit point, roleplaying, website

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