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Pre Convention Planning...

I must be ill, I'm doing planning for Pheno next year...

The game I wanted to run at Pheno this year didn't end up running because I was too late by the time I submitted it. So I am intending to run it next year. The game is titled I'm Sorry, All I Can Provide Is Death, and I talked about it in this post almost a year ago.

The issue is that I'm going to need at least two assistant GM's for it, maybe more, at least one of those assistant GM's are going to have to be fairly experienced because they will have to run parts of the game effectively on their own, and it's going to work best if my assistant GM's are involved while I write it.

Plus they are going to have to be able to travel to Canberra for Pheno (9, 10 and 11 of June next year, I believe) so they can actually help me run it.

All in all, a fairly big ask at this stage.

I have already had psuedonym777 volunteer to be an assistant when we chatted some time earlier this year (while I was down for Conquest I do believe) but that was assuming that it was being run at Pheno this year.

So, is there anyone who wants to be involved in this endeavour? Word of warning: This game is currently looking at being vastly different to any of my previous games, and will be a very GM intensive game (hence the need to have organised assistant GM's).

The thing is that a lot of the people who I picture would volunteer to help me run it are the people who I would want to play in it. Having Fergie help me run it is probably ok, 'cause I think I would most likely break him if he played in it. :)
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