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I cooked dinner!

While this might not sound like much of an accomplishment, it certainly is.

I started my diet on the 25th of August, 2004, over two years ago. In that time I have not cooked myself a real meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided by Lite n Easy, so I didn't have to do anything. The closest I came to cooking on the diet was occasionally frying an egg for breakfast, if that's what I was allocated in that day. That's it.

For Christmas Travis gave me a recipe book (Australian Woman's Weekly Great Vegetarian Food) so I decided to try it out. I picked the recipe, did all the shopping, prepared all the food (except for the onions, Travis chopped them up. I tried but ended up not being able to see, my eyes were watering that much), and cooked it.

So, dinner was a mushroom, spinach and lemon risotto, and it was good. I'm very happy with myself. The first bit of real cooking I've done in over two years, and probably the first bit of real cooking that didn't come from a packet mix in four or five (now, nothing against packet mixes, some of them are really good, but doing it all yourself is just that much more satisfying).

I'm very happy with myself. Just need to remember to cook in a bigger pot next time, or only do half quantities. We have enough for two lots of left overs (one of which will probably be my lunch tomorrow), so depending on how well it reheats, I might just do the bigger pot.

There's a lot of really good sounding recipes in here that I want to try. I'm looking forward to it.
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