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Character for Herakles: Premiere Party

Well, I've finally what the character are for my Arcanacon game.

For those who are interested, I am taking character bookings now, but I won't be handing out character sheets yet. I have to finish them all first! :)

Alicia Field (Female)
A young lady in her late 20's, played Deianeira, Herakles' last wife.
Elias Kristoff
A young man in his early 20's, played Iolaus, Herakles' cousin and best friend.
Elizabeth Eckelson-Butteridge (Female)
A beautiful lady in her mid 30's, played Megara, Herakles' first wife.
Michael Hampton
A middle aged gentleman in his late 40's, played Zeus ruler of the Gods of Olympus and Herakles' father.
Tracey Harding (Female)
A middle aged lady in her late 40's, played Hear, wife to Zeus.
Zeth Cartwright
A middle aged gentleman, played Herakles, the hero of the movie.

Renton Callimedes
Rich Standish
Steven Mapplethorpe Jr
Terrence Sullivan
Costume Designer

Cynthia Braithwaite(Female)
A Reporter for a national Newspaper.
Herman Smith
Television and Radio Reporter

Alberto Guiseppe
Film Investor
George Anderson
Studio Manager and Part Owner
Imani Gendries
Egyptian Investor
Steven Mapplethorpe Sr
Executive Producer

Bella Teldana(Female)
A beautiful young Waitress
Bruce Dalrymple
Trudy Campion (Female)
Another beautiful young Waitress, not as beautiful as Bella.
Wu Hung
Asian Waiter

Professor Anthony Richardson
A gentleman in his early 40's, and the Arthurson Chair in Ancient Greek History at UCLA
Angelina Richardson (Female)
Anthony's Wife, in her mid 30's.
Barbara "Bunny" Sheldon (Female)
A Young, Single, Rich Socialite, looking for a good time.
Darren Scrople
A Single, Handsome and Incredibly Rich Young man.

The character list should stay consistent, with only description changes from this point on.