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I have achieved! :)


Three phone calls today, and much has been achieved.

First was to book Jeff in for his service, and that's organised for Wednesday. His brakes were squeaking, something that I consider to be a bad sign!

Secondly was to talk to the TV repair guy again. We've been having a problem with the TV making a high pitched whine periodically. They came out a couple of months ago to have a look at it, and the tech did a small amount of fiddling to it in the hope that it would be enough. He said that if it wasn't enough they would have to bring it in to the shop to look at. Talked to them today, and they did think that was the next move, so I have arranged for them to come along and pick it up Thursday morning.

Thirdly was to Kennards Hire, so I could hire a lawnmower. According to the lease at this place I am supposed to mow the lawn at least once a fortnight during summer, once a month during winter. However, with the lack of water lately due to low rain and not being allowed to water the lawn, the lawn hasn't been growing, so I haven't been mowing. Then all of a sudden we get bucket loads of rain and the grass goes haywire. Then the real estate agent does a quick inspection so they can do a valuation of the property (the owner is thinking of selling when Travis and I move out) and the grass looks like it hasn't been mown in months.

So, I get a breach notice and have to have the lawn dealt with by Sunday. Oops. Now, I do own a lawnmower, but it's a manual push mower (as in, it doesn't have a mower, it has me!) and there is no way that I am going to be able to use it with the lawn as it stands. I was going to pay one of the garden maintenance companies to do it for me, but they are all booked solid at the moment. So, rather than trying to borrow a lawnmower from someone, I figured I could just hire it for the day and get it done properly.

Now, none of this sounds all that major, but I absolutely HATE talking to stranger over the phone (and I'm not that keen on talking to people I know over the phone either) so organising three of these things in one day is a huge accomplishment.

Go me! :)
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