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Should I be worried?

Travis and I managed to come up with another game concept, and flesh it out reasonably well, while making and then eating dinner tonight.

While we were cooking dinner, Travis mentioned that the current game he's writing (The Wake) manages to avoid his usual two game topics of religion and/or war.

I then said that means I'll probably have to come up with a game called "Don't Mention The War..." one of these days. Travis thought about it for a moment, and then came up with the basic plot and overall reasoning for the game.

So, over dinner we discussed details and the like and came up with what looks to be a good game.

Set on the night of Saturday, December 6, 1941 at a dinner party in the United States, it involves a group of people with radically different views having dinner and making civilised conversation.

For those don't get the reference, December 7, 1941 was the attack on Pearl Harbor. Up until that point, the United States did not take part in World War II, other than some sanctions against Japan.

Our plan is to run it at a Conquest and have it as a fully catered event, with an extra charge to cover the cost of dinner (which will most likely be provided by outside catering). Probably 12 players (with 12 being a good size for a social game, and what would be expected to be the largest you would expect for a Dinner Party), we will probably need to run multiple sessions, or, more likely, multiple times in the same session, to make the catering aspect easier. If we did that, we would probably need additional GM's, as I would not want to run multiple games at once with just myself and Travis as GM's. The easy way to deal with this is have the additional GM's attend the playtest first, that way they get to play as well.

So, who thinks it's a good idea? Who wants to help? Who wants to play? Who will be the first to mention the elephant sitting in the corner of the room?
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