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I was anticipating a busyish week this week, and planed for it.

Monday night was a personal training appointment at the gym.
Tuesday was a Chiropractor appointment after work, meaning I was not going to be using the computer afterwards, and then picking up my copy of The Burning Crusade at midnight.
Wednesday I was putting Jeff in for a service.
Thursday morning I had to wait around the house until the technician turned up to grab the TV that's having a problem.

Plus, every spare moment was spent sitting on the computer at home getting the game finished for Arcanacon.

Monday went according to plan. Nothing else has so far.

Monday just before going to bed I notice that Xavier had diarrhoea, never a good sign. So, Tuesday morning I ring the vet and make an appointment and bring him in. Xavier does not like being cramped up in the cat carrier, and is fairly vocal about letting the world know of his displeasure. After a small test, it is confirmed that he's got too much bacteria in his gut, so a small course of antibiotics are prescribed. I get him micro chipped while he's there, so that's something good.

Tuesday afternoon is the Chiropractor appointment, and after that I am feeling better than I have in ages. I go home, watch three more episodes of House (which I am loving, btw) with a cat in my lap, and then wander down to the local EB Games at quarter to midnight. The line up is huge. There's a little voice wanting to laugh at all these geeks, but there is a larger voice reminding the little voice that I'm there for the same reason as all these geeks, so the little voice just hides in a corner and sulks.

Some of these people had been waiting in line since 10pm. I arrived at 11:45, and was out of there by 12:10. Was waiting the two hours to save 10 minutes really worth it?

Go home, give a quick look at the instruction manual, and go to bed without installing it. I am not installing it until the game is finished.

Alarm goes off early on Wednesday, and I get up when it goes off. Surprised the hell out of me, that's for sure. Have breakfast, get ready and then drive the 1000 meters or so to the service place. Drop car off, get a lift to the train station, take the train to Central and get into work by 10am. Surprise the hell out of the people at work as well.

Have a moderately normal day, until the phone call at about 4 from the service people. It seems Jeff's brakes are shot, and both the pads and rotors in the front brakes need replacing. Not a cheap job, and not a quick one, so they will need to keep him overnight so they can replace them.

Bugger, that should be fine... no it won't, I need my car for a number of reasons. Double bugger. My house keys were in the car, plus I had games that night at Wills place and the games crate was in the car, plus the technician was turning up sometime the next morning so I had no idea when I could leave the house the next day making getting to work a hassle. Lady tells me I probably shouldn't be driving with the brakes in the state they are, but it should be ok for a small amount of driving should be ok as long as I am very careful with the brakes. So, I wander down to the train station, take the train back and walk from the station to the car yard. Only after I get there do I realise I probably should have arranged them to pick me up from the station. Doh!

I pay the $240 for the service, and they lady runs over the list of other things that they recommend getting fixed. The list is long, but distinguished. First on the list, of course, is fixing the brakes ($540). It's about time for the timing belt to be replaced ($265) and one of the wheel cylinders is leaking ($120) plus they recommend three new tyres and a wheel alignment ($395) and a host of other little small stuff, for a grand total of $1776, if everything was done. Argh! I let them know that I would be bringing the car back the next morning after the technician had turned up at home.

So, I pick up my car, and drive back to work (very, very carefully). The important thing to note was that the brakes were no different to what they were like when I drive Jeff in to the place in the morning, but now that I knew how bad they were, I was just about freaking every time I heard so much as a squeak from the brakes. Oh, what a difference a little knowledge makes.

Finish work at 7, and then drive to Will's place for games. Games was fun, a nice stress release. Much better afterwards.

Home, work on the game for a few hours (almost finished, thankfully) and then bed. Technician was due to turn up some time between 9 and 12, but they would ring about half an hour before hand and let me know, so I set the alarm for 9am.

Alarm goes off this morning at 9, and I wake up straight away (twice in a row? Wow!), though I don't bother getting up straight away, because I don't need to. Get up about 9:30, potter around the house and get stuff done and get ready for work, waiting for the phone call. By 11:30, still no phone call, so I ring them to check what's going on. They have no record of the appointment in the computer system. Bugger.

Reschedule the pick up for Saturday between 9 and 11, and put it in the computer system straight away. So, drive to the Hyundai dealer and drop off the car a bit before midday. It's a little bit later than they would like, so they will only have time to do the brakes, and not any of the other stuff. Bugger, oh well.

Again, a lift to the station, train to work, get there a few minutes after midday. Not too bad, considering how behind schedule I was.

Working away as per normal, and haven't received phone call by 4:30, so I ring them to check. It seems there was a problem. They had checked to make sure they had the pads and rotors in stock before booking me in, but when they got the car up on the lift and pulled apart so they could install them, that was when they discovered the rotors they had in stock were fucked.

Rotors bolt onto the axle. This rotor didn't have bolt holes, so it wasn't going anywhere. Bugger!

They apologise, there is nothing they could do, but they are getting another part, but won't be there until the morning. As a result, I either had to leave the car overnight, or come back and get it and return it tomorrow. I do not actually need my car tonight, so it's being left there over night.

So, it's currently 6pm. I will work until 7 or so, walk to the station and take the train back, and then either ring Travis and get a lift from the station, or walk the 20 minutes from the station home.


However, the good news is that I only have two more characters to write, and then it's into clean up and extras mode for the game for Arc. At least something is going right.

Plans over the next while?

Friday is work, car, and game. Hopefully I will get the main chunk of the game finished tonight, so I can print everything tomorrow at work.

Saturday is running around all over the place getting stuff done, and then a friends engagement party Saturday night (which I still haven't bought a present for yet). Travis will not be coming home Saturday night, as he is staying over that night at a friends place, and they are leaving early the next morning for the drive to Melbourne. That is the reason why I want to print out as much of the game as I can on Friday, so they can take the printouts in the car, rather than me paying for excess baggage (again!) due to how much paper I need.

Sunday should be recovery, cleaning the house and getting ready for my holidays. Byron and Jenny are coming over for dinner Sunday night so I can reintroduce them to the cats, since they are looking after them for the week we're away.

Monday is work, another personal training session at the gym and packing.

Tuesday is work and a Chiropractor appointment, and then early to bed as the flight leaves at 6:25 Wednesday morning, landing at 9:45. Then it's a sky bus to the city, and a very short walk to the hotel. From that point on, I'm on holidays! :)

But why does it all choose to happen just before I go away?


Jan. 18th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Dude. Bring the list and mechanics report with you to arc. I reckon someone may be taking you for a ride. Remember, mechanics are there to make money, and when a car that has a resale value of around $5000, and someone wants you to spend $1800 on repairs, then it's time to start thinking about upgrading.

Anywho. Bring down what they gave you, and we can talk cars. :o)

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