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I didn't really know Aveline, but I knew a lot of people who did.

I met her a few times, always in ways that reminded me of a small amount of explosives going off in the corner of the room. Things would be proceeding normal, then all of a sudden, BANG!, and you would be left going "What was that?" as she walked from the room and carried on with her life. Always so full of life and love and energy.

Arcanacon had a much quieter feel than previous years, with a bit of a sombre undertone. So many people knew her, and loved her greatly, especially people like Nikkicat, Renee and Fi, and with those people being such a vital backbone of the convention scene, her going into the ICU on Thursday morning really coloured everyone else's emotions.

I didn't really know Aveline, but I think that is my greatest loss this year. She was greatly loved, and will be missed.
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