Random (halloranelder) wrote,

My Conquest Timetable

Since everyone else seems to be doing it, here's what I'm planning on doing at Conquest:

Friday, Session R At my desk in the rego hall
Friday, Session A Pathway to Eternity (GMing)
Friday, Session B The Demons Dance
Friday, Session C Friday Night Poker Club: Firefly Edition (GMing)
Saturday, Session D The Fate of Nations
Saturday, Session E Pok-Ta-Pok
Saturday, Session F Midnight Machinations: Evolution
Saturday, Session G National Nerd Test*
Sunday, Session H Days of Wine and Roses
Sunday, Session I Banji wa June
Sunday, Session J Pirate King's Revenge (Helping punk_rock_nerd GM)
Sunday, Session K Pirate King's Revenge (Helping punk_rock_nerd GM)
Monday, Session L Pathway to Eternity (GMing)
Monday, Session M Friday Night Poker Club: Firefly Edition (GMing)

* I'm only in the National Nerd Test cause there were no Freeforms that Session, and I didn't feel like playing any tabletops without knowing who I'd be playing with. This means I might be able to actually use my vast knowledge of useless information. Also, if Pathway to Eternity gets too overbooked (a possibility) I might be able to slot another session in there.

Out of a 13 Session convention, I'm GMing in 6 of them, and playing Freeforms in the rest. I'm a geek!
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