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Preparing to farewell Jeff

Plans are being developed, and one of the things I have decided is that I will be selling Jeff.

I have had my car for over 10 years now, as I bought him brand new on the 11th of February, 1997. He was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and also one of the worst.

Best in that Brisbane public transport is not that good, and having access to your own transport makes life in Brisbane a hell of a lot easier.

Worst in that he's actually too small for me, and ten years of driving a car that's too small has contributed considerably to my bad back. The problem is that I'm so used to having him now that I doubt very much I could cope without having a car.

However, since I'm going to be turning my life upside down when I move, I may as well go the whole way.

Travis did a bit of research and said it would cost about $450 to transport a small car from Brisbane to Melbourne, a bit much for me to really want to do, and the only other alternative would be driving him down there, and there is no way I could survive a 1600km drive over the two days in him.

So that leaves the alternative of get rid of him up here and don't take him with me. So, that's what I'm going to do.

That decision leaves a whole mess of new questions. Firstly, what do I need to do with him before I sell? I haven't exactly treated him the best over the years, and he no longer looks as good as he used to. How much should I get repaired before I sell, and how much can I leave?

There are two main issues that might need looking at. Firstly, one of the front lights is trying to fall out. On each side at the front there are two light fixtures. There is the big one that is the head lights, and then there is the smaller one that's on the corner that has the indicators and the like. The bracket holding in the smaller one on the left (passenger side) has broken, and if it wasn't for the duct tape, the only thing holding it in would be the wiring, something I consider a bad thing. So, a question to the people who know cars in the audience, is it something I should fix before I sell? If so, how? Is it something I can do myself? Where would I buy the parts? What are the parts? Or should I just take it to Hyundai and get them to fix it?

Second issue is the scratches and dings. There is damage to every panel from the front drivers side door, all the way back, and all the way along the rear. There's no damage to the front or passenger side, just the back and drivers side.

Most of it is little things, but it's enough that every single panel would need to be repaired or replaced. I got a verbal quote when I took Jeff in for the repairs after someone ran into him late 2005 (their insurance paid for it) and they said it would be around $1500 to fix all the damage, but that was if the insurance repairs were done at the same time, so it would be probably more than that on it's own. The question is, should I bother with repairing any of it?

And the final thing I need to work out is how do I sell him, and for how much? Do I take him to a car yard and do it the easy way (and probably get less than I could otherwise), or sell him myself? How much? Since I need a car until I actually leave, when should I put him up for sale? Lots of questions.

Anyway, anyone with any information that might help, please let me know. I haven't got a clue in this area.

For those who are interested, here's his details:

Hyundai Excel Sprint
3 door hatch
1997 model
107,600 kms at the moment (less than 110,000 by the time I move)
Bluish Red in colour
Automatic, no A/C
Tinted windows.
Cassette player.
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