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Current Plans

Wow. It's kind of intimidating that this time in 10 weeks, I should be living in Melbourne.


The next 6 weeks don't have that much specifically planned, but the last four are fairly well planned already.

We're planning on driving down to Melbourne for Conquest this year, and we're leaving on Tuesday the 3rd of April. It will be myself, Travis and Koula, but we're doing things a bit differently in that we're actually taking two cars this time. Koula has the best car of the three of us so we're taking hers, plus Travis is taking his. This is because Travis isn't intending to come back after the con, and will be staying down there with his car.

Three drivers in two cars is going to be a bit of a hard slog, but we'll manage it. We've currently planned to stop in Shepparton on the Wednesday night, and do the last 200 km or so Thursday morning, do the shopping at the Vic Markets and check in. As far as I am aware, the Filthy Assistant is planning on flying in sometime Thursday. Friday to Monday (6th to the 9th) is Conquest. I think the Filthy Assistant is flying back on Friday the 13th (oh, scary!) and then Koula and I are not intending to leave until Saturday the 14th and drive back, arriving back on the Sunday night.

Travis is intending to pack as much as he physically can into his car, with all of his clothing and the like, so once I get back I'll be packing everything else I can. I think I'm going to get a packing service for most of the packing, as I would rather not try and pack all the books I own. :) I own too much.

We're probably going to organise the removalists to turn up twice. Once on the weekend of the 21st/22nd so they can grab everything that won't be needed for the last week, and then once more when we finally go.

Travis is most likely going to be flying back to Brisbane around about the weekend of the 21st/22nd, and we're planning on having the going away party on the night of Tuesday the 24th, since the next day is a public holiday. My final day at work will be Friday the 27th of April, and that weekend is spent doing the last of the packing. Then the removalists turn up for the rest either that weekend, or on Monday the 30th (which is the last day of the lease), and Travis and I fly back to Melbourne with 4 cats sometime around there.

If I sell my car before then, I will probably rent a small car for the last week or so, as I don't want the house to be without a car during that time. I just had a quick look at a few car rental places, and a small car for 2 weeks (assuming I pick it up the day after I get back from Melbourne and have it until the last Monday) would be about $650, which I think is probably worth it.

Hmm... Thinking about that, I think that if I end up putting Jeff on carsales.com.au or somewhere like that, I could advertise that the car will be available from the beginning of April, but if I don't sell before I go, then I'll sell him to a car yard.
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