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I'm going to Livid!

Hi all,

Some of you may have been wondering why no serious updates here since the details of my REF stalking on the 26th of September.

Usually if I go incredibly quiet it means that I am in so much pain that I can't be bothered being civil at my keyboard.

I am happy to say that this time, that is not the case.

Instead it's for the opposite reason. I have had the most incredible, pain free, time since then. I've been getting up when I want to, I've even been having breakfast every morning for the last fortnight. I'm not sure why, but I was enjoying it. As a result I wasn't too concerned with updating my Live Journal.

Anyway: quick updates on my time.

Two weekends ago I actually did some gardening. This may not sound like much, believe me, it a lot!

Last weekend I helped Byron move. He had been sharing a flat at Admiralty Tower II with Brett. For those who don't know, ATII is on the edge of the Brisbane CBD, on the river front, with a wonderful view of the Storey Bridge, the Town Reach of the Brisbane river, and the vast majority of the south side of Brisbane (being on the 30th floor).

I also cost $400 a week.

Myself and Will helped Byron move into a two bedroom unit at Auchenflower that costs considerably less.

Will and Byron did the moving, I did the driving, being the only one of the group who's over 25 and has an open drivers license, and as a result the only one that a car rental agency would allow to drive the ute Byron hired for the day.

After the move we had one final swim in the pool at the top of ATII (37th floor), and then Will, Byron, Brett, Creepy and myself went to Dos Amigo's for a late dinner.

I have decided that I like good Mexican food.

Wednesday Byron gave me my thank-you present for helping him move. A half-price ticket to Livid. Again, for those who don't know, Livid is one of Brisbane's biggest, and most famous music festivals. I think this year is it's fifteenth year.

So, Will, Byron and me are going to Livid on Saturday.

As a result I did a little bit of shopping this evening. New shoes! I currently own two decent pairs of shoes. My joggers that I use for the gym, and general wearing (not suitable for Livid, I'd get my feet crushed and my shoes destroyed), and my short Docs which I use for work and more formal occasions.

Now while the Docs are good shoes, I've had them long enough (about two years I think) that my usual pronation problem (ie: I roll my feet inwards a great deal when I walk) has meant that the insides of the soles (ie the bit on the right of the left foot, and the left of the right foot) are more worn than the outer sides. This means that a full day on my feet at Livid would leave me in far too much pain to even consider it.

I now own a pair of Pulp boots. I walked in to the shoe store at Chermside, looked at a few here and there, and then one of the sales assistants asked me if I needed any help.

I said I needed some shoe's.

She asked what sort of shoes.

I said that I was going to Livid this weekend, and I couldn't really wear any of the shoes I already own, as they'd probably get destroyed.

She got a very deep expression on her face as she thought for a few moments, and then said, categorically, and very forcefully "You need stompin' boots!"

I like this girl.

She got me to try on a pair of the Pulp boots, which seem to be very popular with security guards. They're a big, chunky boot, and look mean, but are really comfortable.

I liked, so I bought.

And finally, I did a bit of shopping on Wednesday as well. 10 CD's, and a DVD.

I got:
  • Rollins in the Wry - Henry Rollins Spoken Word
  • Mer de Mons - A Perfect Circle
  • V - Live
  • A Funk Odyssey - Jamiroquai (Australian Tour edition with bonus disk)
  • Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
  • Reanimation - Linkin Park
  • Be Not Nobody - Vanessa Carlton
  • Let Go - Avril Lavigne
  • Read My Lips - Sophie Ellis-Bexter
  • Best of TISM (With limited edition bonus disk)
  • Frat Party at the Pancake Festival DVD

And before anyone pokes fun at me for the Linkin Park, I like them.

The easiest way to define any music that I like is emotion. If I can feel the emotion involved in the song, I like it. If I have to pick myself up off the floor because the emotion knocks me out, I love it!

Linkin Park has a hell of a lot of emotion.

'Nuff said!

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