Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Resume writing

I'm trying to put together a resume so I can start looking for work before I get down there, but it's hard.

I came across this site on resume writing, and had a read through. The cynic in me wants to dismiss it all as a load of crap, but another part of me understands it all.

If you got a couple hundred resumes across your desk for a single position, how on earth do you manage to find the ones that are worth looking at? Their advice is basically that the first part of your resume needs to be marketing to get your resume noticed (without it being thrown in the bin straight after being noticed) while the second part has all the factual information most people expect in a resume.

So, what do people think? I'm trying to write a resume according to their guidelines, but I'm finding it very hard. I find it goes against my nature to say things they way they recommend, as to me it feels like bald-faced lying.

Any advice?
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