Random (halloranelder) wrote,

And it begins

We got a quotation on the removal costs on Thursday, and just confirmed the details.

The removalists will be coming over on Saturday the 31st of March or Sunday the 1st of April to do the packing we require (we are not packing any of the breakables, and I do not want to pack all my books, so we're getting the professionals to do it), and the first pick up will be Monday the 2nd of April. Second and final pick up will be Saturday the 28th of April, and we're going to be flying out to Melbourne with the kids on Sunday the 29th of April.

Less than two weeks until it starts, less than six weeks until it's done.

Which leads me to the next question: Where in Melbourne should we move to? We want to be someone reasonably central to things, and from what I've seen by looking on the on-line real estate sites, Brunswick looks like a good choice. Central, with good public transport, reasonably priced for something that will suit us. Any other suggestions?
Tags: melbourne, moving

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