Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Getting there

Theoretically, my to-do list is getting smaller.

I'm gradually crossing things off the list, so that everything should be ready by the time I leave. This morning I handed in the "Notice of Intent to Leave" form to the real estate agents, and sorted out the final details. 5 weeks rent is all that stands between us and the departure date.

For Conquest, Pathway to Eternity is fully printed out and ready to go, all that's left for it is to cut out the name tags and put them in the badges. Friday Night Poker Club - Firefly Edition is written, and all I need to do is create the "Special Ability" cards, print the character sheets, and buy a hell of a lot of packs of cards! :)

I've been applying for jobs all over the place, so that's under way. Two of the three stereos that I wanted to get serviced are done and working properly again, and the last one is finished and ready to be picked up, probably Saturday. The for sale add for my car has gone up on carsales.com.au and he's booked in for a safety certificate and fixing the dodgy headlight tomorrow morning.

The only problem with my to-do list is that I'm constantly thinking of new things to add to it, so it's not going down as quickly as it should, but it's getting there.
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