Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Interview delayed due to technical difficulties...

My phone interview was supposed to be half an hour ago, 11:30 Melbourne time, 10:30 my time, however it didn't happen.

I was ready and waiting for the call, and it didn't happen. Since I don't have the interviewers contact details I couldn't ring up and check so I had to wait.

He rang about 10 minutes ago to check up why I hadn't come in to the office for the interview. It seems that when he wrote it into his diary, he forgot to write down that it was a phone interview and he was supposed to ring me. Oops.

He apologies for the mistake, and we've rescheduled for Monday at 11:30. Daylight savings ends this weekend, so it will actually be at 11:30 for me.

Now I've got to wait again! Argh! Stress anyone?
Tags: moving, work

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