Random (halloranelder) wrote,

My poor little car

Jeff was in for a roadworthy today so I can actually try and sell him.

He didn't pass, unfortunately. There's a small list of things that must be fixed before I am allowed to sell him privately. The list is:
  • Rear wheel cylinders require replacing - $290

  • Brake pedal pad - $116

  • Tappet cover gasket leaking - $137

  • Oil filter cap leaking - $16

  • Washer hose split and requires replacing - $40

  • 3 new tyres

For a grand total of $599 for everything except the tyres, as I'll be getting them elsewhere for less than the service centre would charge, $59 each instead of $129 each. Money that I would really rather not spend, but it's money that I have to spend if I want to try and sell it privately before I leave. As a result, he's booked in again for Monday.

Oh well.
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