Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Bugger! IT Help required

At work we've been using a product from a company called Appforge for the last few years to write software for handheld computers (Palm, Pocket PC, some phones, etc).

We've been finalising some bugs in the software and are ready to release it, so we needed to buy some licenses for our customers. We went to their web page and the online store didn't seem to be working, so we checked things out with their Australian reseller.

Appforge went out of business about 2 weeks ago. Fuck!

This means that all the work we've been doing on this product is wasted unless we can find a way to get around the client activation requirements. Argh! Does anyone know of any way to get around it? I assume that no one reading this has ever used Appforge so I think it's a wasted question, but it's worth a shot.

This is so frustrating.
Tags: it, work

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