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Con good, universe bad

The con was good.

Life since then? Well...

First thing Tuesday morning (9:30, right after the con after party, Ugh!) I had a phone interview with Accenture. I felt it went well.

Tuesday Travis, Koula and I started looking at places. Ran around to a number of real estate agents and had a look at an apartment that looked like it would do. Talked to the agent and then got told no to four cats. Bugger. So, checked out a few of the other places we had made appointments for to also be told no to four cats.

Ok, perhaps we should check the cats situation before even going any further in the investigation.

Wednesday I managed to organise two job interviews. The Hansen interview was at 2:00pm, and the second Accenture one was at 3:30pm, both in the city. Meanwhile Travis was abusing our internet connection here at the hotel, and investigated every single possibility over the phone. Most of the places were were interested in that would consider pets weren't allowing straight inspections, so we have to wait for open houses, and all of them were either on the weekend or next week.

However, one place had two that looked like they could be good and both could be investigated right away. So, we drive over, grab both sets of keys, and take a look.

The first was a townhouse. It looks like the owners had gotten an old house, ripped out most of the insides, and converted it into three townhouses. Once working out which one we were looking at (none of the tree doors had designations beyond the street number. Townhouse A ended up being the middle one, go figure) we wandered inside.

Immediate reaction on walking inside was "we wants it". Downstairs was a single car garage and the entrance hall and the stairs going up, then the laundry, and then everything else on that floor was the open plan kitchen/dinner/lounge/whatever. The oven was gas, there was a dishwasher, and everything on that floor (except the garage) was tiled.

Upstairs were three bedrooms and the bathroom. Front and back bedrooms were about the same size, except the front had the ensuite, while the back one didn't, and as a result had more floor space. The bathroom was superb with a separate bath and shower, and the middle bedroom was a great deal bigger than the third bedroom in Brisbane. All three bedrooms had skylights, so plenty of light going in.

We so wanted it.

Second house was a piece of crap, so we ignored it.

We picked up the application forms and Travis brought me back to the hotel so I could make my interview while he took the filled in application forms back to the real estate agent.

Now, we have two "issues". Firstly four cats. Travis decided to solve that problem by stating that he would be willing to pay three times standard bond on the property, because he was sure that he would get it all back.

Secondly, Travis is officially unemployed, due to the fact that he didn't get time before the convention to even start looking for work. Travis decided to put them at ease by saying that he would pay the first 8 weeks rent in advance.

I have an impeccable rental record, and Travis used to own his own house before moving in the current place, so there shouldn't be anything in our pasts holding us back.

The agent said that they try and have all applications processed within 24 hours.

I went to both interviews, and felt I did well in both. At the time of walking out of the second interview, I didn't know which job I would have wanted if I had been offered both. The Accenture interview was a technical interview, with one of the IT managers, and he had a form to fill in, grading me on my apparent skill levels in a number of areas. The form had boxes to tick for "Poor", "Average", "Good" and "Excellent" and space to write note. I ended up with no tics in the first two columns, and lots of notes. He seemed to like what I was presenting.

Random in a three-piece Anton's suit and a mohawk in an interesting sight. :)

Thursday dawned, and I got a phone call from one of the recruitment agencies saying I didn't get the Hansen job. While I had the VB6 experience they wanted, I didn't have the database experience they also wanted. Oh well.

Thursday was spent going a little bit stir crazy. We wanted to find a place, but we didn't want to do too much so as not to waste ours (and other peoples) time and energy if we got the one we had the application.

Travis rang them back and got told that they aim to have all applications processed within 48 hours, so we had to wait longer. Grr.

Thursday night was spent cheering up Hil with chocolate and socialising.

Friday was spent also going stir crazy. We kept on with our hunt to find Travis a coat (it seems that it's not yet cold enough for places in Melbourne to start worrying about long coats yet, so Travis is still unsuccessful in his hunt) and then we wandered off to 40 Winks in Prahran to have a look at beds for Travis. His current single bed is not going to be coming down with us, so he needs a new one, and this allowed him to get some ideas. We saw some really nice stuff, and I'm considering getting myself some new bedroom furniture once things settle, as I realised I didn't actually own anything other than my bed and a 20 odd year old wardrobe that I had as a kid.

After finishing up there, we wandered back to the hotel. By this stage it was after 2:00pm, which meant over 48 hours since we put the application in, so Travis rang back.

The application was refused. However, according to the real estate agent, we were the 11th application that had been refused. The owner seemed to be trying not to process any of the applications for as long as possible, and then when he "runs out of time" just refusing them.

There is an "open house" on the property Saturday morning, so what we (and the agent) suspect is that the owner is hoping that people will be fighting over the property and as a result be willing to pay more.

Firstly, that is actually illegal as far as I am aware. Secondly that is very fucking rude.

As a result, both Travis and I had been stressing a great deal. We figured that since the application hadn't been refused out of hand the owner was actually considering the application, and Travis' willingness to pay more should have gone a long way to reassuring them of our good intentions. Instead we get fucked around with (no fault of the agents) and waste two days.

As a result, I won't be able to see whatever house/apartment/whatever we eventually get, as Koula and I are starting the drive back tomorrow morning, early.

However, I have not heard anything back from Accenture, so I'm considering that as good news, as if I wasn't good enough they probably would have said by now. However, Accenture due a three interview process, so theoretically I have another one to go before I can even think of getting the job.

I hope I get it, I really like the look of the place.
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