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Better living through chemistry

Some people (and some of the rest of you) may have been wondering why there's been no serious updates on this Live Journal for a while.

Well, I've been sick. Not much, but enough.

Just after Livid I picked up a throat infection. Only a little one (little bit of a sore throat in the mornings, swallowing is a little bit harder than normal, build-up of gunk in the back of the nose and throat, etc), but enough that I wasn't sleeping quite as well as normal. Not sleeping well caused my back to seize up a bit. My back seizing up caused my sleeping to be worse. This caused my back to seize up a bit more. I think you get the drift now.

Because of all this, I was feeling much worse, and with a major lack of sleep the infection wouldn't go away.

One of the side effects of a lack of sleep is that your brain slows down, and you can't think as well as you used to. As a result, I was completely fucked up, and couldn't work out what was wrong.

However, I eventually worked out what the problem was (yay me!) and went to the doctor Thursday morning. He confirmed a throat infection, and prescribed DRUGS!

So at the moment I'm on anti-biotics (two a day with meals), and have some Panadeine Forte pain-killers in case they're necessary. I started the anti-biotics on Thursday (Lunch and Dinner) and am feeling much better already. I finish them on Saturday, comforted by the fact that I'll be a hell of lot healthier by then.

One problem with being sick is I tend to mope a lot when I'm sick, and I won't do LJ posts when I'm in that state. When I'm in that sort of depressive mode, I don't want to dwell on it, and doing an LJ post means dwelling on what's been going on.

As a result, only silly quizzes and the like for the last five weeks or so.

Anyway, to update on the missing time:
  • Mum and Dad had two weeks down on the Coast for holidays, and I spent a weekend with them. Dad's doing really well. After all the expenses of the operation, with the total cost coming to around $35,000, Mum and Dad only had to pay $1,600. Luckily Dad is covered by a comprehensive health cover through his work. If they didn't have that extra cover they would have had to pay about $10,000. However that doesn't count Mum's loss of business while she was in Brisbane with Dad. Overall they didn't come too worse of though.
  • I'm roleplaying again, in a Shadowrun game run by Joey with Kevin, Byron and Daniel. Our first game wasn't a success (one bad decision led to a lot of bad luck) so we're calling the first game a test run, and we're starting again this weekend.
  • Nicole and Ken have officially split, and they're both back in Brisbane. Nicole may be moving in with me, once she works out what she's going to do.
  • Stephen (paradigmshifty) and Kolya are getting along wonderfully, especially now that Tony (Kolya's husband) has finally left her house. He wasn't accepting the break up all that well (in that he was blaming everyone and everything else, except for the real culprit - himself). I spent that day over at Stephen's house as a shoulder to cry on. I got a very soggy t-shirt that day.
  • I ordered the Stargate SG-1 Season 1 DVD box set from Canada (DVD Box Office) and they arrived last week. For less than $100 Aussie I got five disks in widescreen (not full wide-screen, but not normal TV ratio) with a few cool feature-ettes. On related Stargate news, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) is returning for Season 7, after having nothing more than guest appearance roles in season 6.
  • Kmart had another 15% off, no deposit lay-by sale, so I did more shopping. I got some more wood-working tools (a router, and a drop saw), another light, a little water fountain for inside, and two DVD's (Legend, and I can't remember the other one)
  • I'm having serious issues with my home computer. I've uninstalled Norton's Anti-virus, and am trying to uninstall the rest of the Norton's suite, but it just won't go. I've replaced the anti-virus and the firewall (Zone Alarm) with Trend PC-Cillain, and see if that fixes things up. I'm not hopeful.
  • I will eventually get around to putting a Livid report up, honest!
  • It's hot, and I need a new car. My car doesn't have air-conditioning (silly me) and it's too small for me, so I really need to replace it. Unfortunately that won't happen until next year sometime.
  • Had a visit from Chakae, and she's doing well.

Anyway, that's about all I can think off for the moment.


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