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On the job front

The lunch with the people from Company R went well today.

Six of us total, including myself, the guy who interviewed me and four of the programmers. There are a few more people in the company but they couldn't be there for a number of reasons (including one being at home resting after being hit by a car last weekend) which is why the lunch was originally going to be next week.

Nice group of guys and very much a bunch of geeks. I felt right at home. Afterwards I chatted with the guy who interviewed me again and he said he's going to think about things over the weekend. I got the general impression that the question wasn't whether they should hire me, but whether they should hire me now. I talked with Lucy afterwards and she seemed to get the same impression. The reason is that there are a number of new projects coming up that are 99% certain, and they will need a new developer for them, but they aren't signed yet so they aren't certain.

Lucy rang for my referee's and is hunting them up while they think over the situation this weekend. I should have an answer one way or the other on Monday. Either way I have a job.

Fingers crossed.
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