Random (halloranelder) wrote,

News from the coal face

Day three of my new job so I figure that I can actually do some non-work related stuff while I'm waiting for the Visual Studio 2005 service pack to install.

I am so glad I waited for the offer from this lot rather than just accepting the other offer. I'm loving it here already, plus they offered more money, which is a bonus.

The company is called Redgum and they're based in Brunswick East on Lygon St, just up from Brunswick Rd (corner of Lygon and Barkley). They are a software development house and they have a number of products on the market already, including a number of layout tools for newspapers under the Advanced Publishing Systems (APS) banner.

There are 7 others in Redgum that I have met so far. Robin's in charge, and there are 6 other developers (I'm sure they have different titles, but they're all developers, including Robin), but there is also APS upstairs which has a lot of people I haven't met yet.

All in all I'm loving it. I felt comfortable from my first day which is very unusual for me. The people are cool, the work is interesting, and I don't think I'm going to have any troubles here.

Very happy Random.
Tags: redgum, work

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