Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Mobile Phone

I need a new mobile phone.

Neither of the phones I currently have work properly, and the network I'm currently on (Three) is pathetic and I need to change.

Currently I'm looking at switching to Optus, and I'm definitely switch back to a Nokia. My current thought is the Nokia E65 which I can get on the $49 cap for $1.

I'm currently paying $50 a month with Three ($29 cap plus $6 for unlimited email and news (which I don't use anyway) plus $15 phone repayments) so that isn't any different in costs, but it gives me a massive $300 worth of calls instead of my current $79.

So, anyone have any suggestions on networks or phones? I am definitely switching off Three, I am definitely going with a Nokia, and I'd like to not pay anything more than I currently am.
Tags: advice, phone

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