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I've had enough with him

For those who can't remember, Wayne, my ex-flatmate, moved out over six months ago after I had a few words with him about the fact he was a lazy, worthless slob who was trying to get the world in general (and me in particular) to support him.

In those six months, he's been sleeping on the floor of a friends living room, and all his furniture and most of his belongings have been left here.

I kept my patience, though I was tempted to do something about him a number of times.

About a week and a half ago I got a phone call from him saying that he's got a new place, and should be able to get all of his stuff out of my house in the next weekend or two. Further phone calls from him indicated that he couldn't do it last weekend, but should do it this weekend (ie: the weekend just past).

He had arranged for his waterbed to be moved Saturday, and then he'd be over Sunday to move most of the rest, if not all of it.

So, I got up this morning (Sunday) expecting Wayne and friends to come over sometime and move crap. Scott came over about mid-day, to provide me with moral support (he's both mine and Wayne's friend, so he's been acting as an intermediary) and to act as an extra pair of hands if needed.

So we waited, and waited, and waited.

Trying to ring him was impossible, and the number he gave us was going straight to an answering service, and the other people's mobiles were not answering.

At about 6:30 Scott finally got through to him at his new place. I didn't speak with him, and Scott didn't let on to the fact I was there. According to Wayne the phone had been accidentally been left off hook all day, hence it going straight to an answering service, however, also according to Wayne he had never said that he was coming over to move the rest of his gear today. No, according to Wayne, he might have been coming over, and would have rung me this morning if he had.

I believe Wayne said he was coming over today. Scott believed that he said he was coming over today. I thought that since I told him I was going to empty out his fridge and turn it off last night in preparation for him coming over today might have indicated that I believed that he was coming over today. I thought that when he left yesterday after getting the waterbed, me saying "see you tomorrow" might have indicated that I believed that he was coming over today.

But no, as per usual, he's off living in a world of his own, and I have had enough.

He has seven days to remove his crap from my home, before I exert my legal rights and dispose of it all. I don't care anymore. I was being nice, because he was a friend, but no more.

He's an asshole, and a pain, and I want rid of him.

If he doesn't have the decency to contact me within the next seven days so I can inform him of this, that's his tough luck, not mine. I think six months notice is more than enough.

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