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Take me, I'm yours!

I own too much stuff. This is a known fact, and something that I am well aware of.

I should have gotten rid of a lot of this excess stuff before I moved, but with the amount of stress I was under I was not mentally stable enough to think through what I actually need and what should go, and trying to would have just increased the amount of stress.

However, the stress is gone now, so I'm trying to go through my stuff and work out what needs to go.

The first point of call is the fact that I own four TV's. I really only need one of them, so I'm in the mood to get rid of 3 of them.

One is a 66cm, the other two are 34cm ones.

The 66cm one was given to me by my parents when they bought a new one. It has one fault (which is why they bought a new one) in that the antenna connection is faulty and if you are receiving a signal from that input it can take up to 15 minutes for the set to "warm up" enough to get a proper signal. All the other inputs work without a problem. The only other things of note is that the speakers are on the side of the unit, not on the front (another reason why my parents replaced it as they are getting deaf) and it can not display NTSC pictures, which is why I ended up replacing it. Other than that it works well.

One of the 34cm TV's is old, doesn't have a remote control, uses a dial to change and tune in channels, only has a single antenna input and nothing else, and parts of it are held together by toothpicks. I doubt anyone wants it, but it might be useful to someone.

The other 34cm is much newer, has a remote control and has the antenna or video/mono audio inputs.

I also have a small TV Stand to give away as well (photo here, cat not included). I used to sit the 66cm TV on it, but I wouldn't recommend it as it used to wobble a hell of a lot.

There is also a spare DVD player to give away as well. It's a Sony, about 4 years old and in reasonably good working order. It's multi-zone (even though it says it isn't) and plays NTSC. The reason I replaced it is that it's getting a bit sensitive and as a result has trouble playing some disks that are too heavily scratched though they play fine in other machines.

All this stuff is sitting at my place and is available for anyone who wants to come around and pick it up. Let me know and I can put it aside for you.

However, I also own 5 beds (yes, you heard that right) of which I want to get rid of three of them. The beds are a bit harder to pick up as they are actually in storage, so anyone wanting them will require me to take a trip to the storage unit, but as a result they aren't under foot so aren't as urgent to get rid off.

The three beds are a queen size slat bed (I think it has a mattress but it probably should be replaced anyway) in pieces, a single slat bed also in pieces, and another single slat bed that's not in pieces and does not come apart. The last one is made of solid pine and was my bed from when I was about 6 years old, and it probably a really good bed for a child as I doubt very much they'd be able to destroy it all that quickly. :)

Anyone want any of this? Please let me know.
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