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The Payne of the Game

I finally got around to Amaya's (illdrinn) for a games night.

However, last night was not to right night for that to happen! It seems Ross (who I still haven't met, even though it's all his fault) was in Brisbane for a few days up from Canberra, so people were celebrating a bit.

This meant that there were a large number of drunk people at Amaya's place last night. This made for a rather interesting evening. The only game (apart from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS2) that got played was a game of Scrabble between Amaya, Aaron and I. Aaron won, I came second and Amaya last, which is a reasonable indication of how frazzled Amaya was!

Aaron and I both left about 10:15, leaving Amaya and the drunks to there own entertainment. As I was walking down to my car (parking is definetly going to be a problem at that place) I noticed a problem. I was in PAIN!

Not a little pain, not a pulled muscle, nothing like that. I had the deep-seated, full-back ache that indicated I had deeply offended a deity of some power and he had decided that I was going to pay for all eternity!

Driving home was a problem. With the continueous distraction of my pain, I certainly wasn't driving at my best, but I got home without any problems.

Once I got home, I did the smart thing. I took a Panadien Forte and went to bed!

While I was trying to sleep I was racking my brain to try and work out what the hell I had done. Eventually I figured it out.

Amaya's place is a nice, modern place with all the modern ammenities, including air conditioning. Amaya likes the air conditioning up high. The problem is, that my back doesn't like the cold and tends to freeze up. So, sitting at Amaya's table playing Scrabble, right under the blast of the air conditioning, my back froze up. When I got up to leave, I didn't notice this, and put my back out!

Once I worked this out, I crawled under the doona (yes, the doona is still sitting on my bed, even though it's the middle of summer) and within half an hour or so the deep-seated ache was gone, and I was just a little sore instead, so I managed to get to sleep.

The moral of this story? In future, wear warm clothing to Amaya's place!

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