Random (halloranelder) wrote,

I want...

As a result of chatting with a certain young man, part of me wants to find an excuse to take a trip to Sydney so I can go shopping at Sax Fetish (NSFW).

However, that wouldn't work because the people I'd want to go shopping with aren't in Sydney.

I could order via mail-order, but that means that I don't get to try things on first (something I much prefer when clothes shopping) and secondly, that means I don't get other peoples opinions when trying them on.

However, Lucrezia and De Sade (the people who run Sax Fetish) have a shop in Melbourne in Fitzroy (441 Brunswick Street Fitzroy), so I'm thinking of organising a shopping expedition with certain people to there. Those people include Mark and Hilary, of course. I value your opinions.

I still want one of those Roman style leather kilts that I saw when I was in Sax Fetish at Mardi Gras this year. Thoughts?
Tags: kink, links, shopping
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