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On the eve of Christmas Eve...

This will probably be the last update for a week, possibly more, due to the impending Christmas Season, so...

Firstly, what has gone before.

Wednesday - On my way to poker, I stopped off at JB HiFi to pick up the Red Dwarf Season 1 DVD for Mum and Dad's Christmas present, however they were out. I did pick up the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD Collectors box set though for myself. The best price I had seen elsewhere for it was $149.99, however they had it for $124.99, so I grabbed it quick-smart.

At poker I was quite happy that a record of mine, while it was not broken, was equaled by two others. My previous record of a $192.00 loss at Double-Guts has stood alone for a while. Now, no longer!

We had a number of rounds of the game where I had lost some and won some, until the last round. The pot was $96, and three people went in on the final round, Will, Byron and Mel (with Tom backing up Mel if she lost, as they had done with the previous round). Mel won with a pair of Kings going high, and both Will and Byron lost going high (one with a pair of Queens, and the other a pair of eights). As a result, Mel pocketed $96 (but Tom took back the $38.40 he'd lost backing Mel's hand the previous round), and both Byron and Will ended up owing $16 each to each other person on the table. They did it in IOU's.

Thursday - Before going to work I wrapped Mum and Dad's Christmas present. Glenn (my brother) and I went halves on a DVD player for them both. I got exactly the same make and model I have (a Sony DVP-NS300) so it'll be easier setting up and in case of troubleshooting. However, before wrapping it up I pulled it out of the box and tested it at home for two reasons. Firstly, if there's anything wrong with it, I want to know about it before it travells to St George, and secondly to test if it's region encoded. It's not!

Neither was mine, even though the instruction manual says it is.

I've been talking to a few people in the know, and according to the ACCC (the Australian consumer watchdog) Region encoding is against the law in Australia, as it goes against our competition laws. However, the DVD manufacturers (the disks, not the players) have indicated that if they make a stink about it, they will simply pull DVD's from the Australian market.

That leaves the DVD player manufacturers in a pickle. According to the licencing from Macrovision (the evil company that controls the DVD decoding process) all DVD players must be region encoded. According to the Australian government region encoding is illegal. Therefore what do the manufacturer's do? They put the region encoding hardware in the players, and forget to activate it! I'm taking a region 1 and a region 2 DVD home over Christmas to test out Glenn's DVD player.

Anyway, Thursday night I leave work early (about 4pm) and head out to the hotel where Mum, Dad and Glenn are staying. I give them the wrapped present, and grab a few things they brought for me (some disk storage boxes they aren't using anymore), we have dinner at the restaurant, and then head out to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre for the John Farnham concert.

Now, I don't care what anyone else thinks, but I like John Farnham, and we all enjoyed the concert immensly.

Afterwards (with an appropriate amount of hearing loss) they head back to the hotel and I go home.

Friday - Work finishes early because it's Secret Santa time! I'll assume that everyone knows what a Secret Santa is, so I won't explain. I got a tin of lollies (mmm, sugar!) and a cute little notepad holder, which is now sitting on my desk at work.

Afterwards, I go home, get changed and go into the city with Stephen (paradigmshifty). He's looking for an AC adapter for his Creative Nomad Jukebox (no luck - it needs 12V and at least 1250mA. Easier for an in car converter. Impossible for an AC transformer!). I'm also looking for a cassette adapter so I can play his Creative Nomad Jukebox through my tape player in the car (also no luck, they were sold out). He's lending me the Jukebox player for the drive home and back over Christmas, otherwise I'd be without music.

We also look at some books (the new Dymocks in the city is good!) before meeting Marion in Borders. We sit, we chat, we perve. Marion gives us both Christmas presents. Stephen gets a toy Stitch (complete with skittering action!) and I get, wait for it, a canopic jar! You know, the jars the ancient Egyptians stored internal organs of the mummies in.

She's a strange girl. Must be why I like her.

Saturday - Not much during the day, but Amaya's (illdrinn) housewarming/birthday party that night. It was real. It was fun. It was real fun! I even got to see an episode of Love Hina. Disturbing, but fun.

Sunday - mostly another lazy day at home getting things ready for the trip, and then some time on the city doing some more window shopping, before heading over to Stephen's to pick up the Jukebox and accessories.

When I got home an email was waiting for me from eBay saying that I'd won an auction. Yay me! I am now the proud owner of a Pitfall II video game cartridge for the Atari 2600. I am a geek, I know!

Monday (today) - I was at work today, but I doubt much work got done by anyone today. By boss (the IT manager) was away, and a large percentage of the rest of the office was away, so there was a large amount of goofing off.

I got sent a link I requested from Marion, that of Career Girl Blues, a story about a "fan girl" who ends up in the DC universe, and ends up meetings (and other things) a lot of interesting people.

After work I popped into the city again. I bought two things. Firstly another DVD, this time Cats for my Mother's Christmas present (I've decided that I'll give the Red Dwarf to Dad, so Mum can have this one). Secondly a bloody great big sword!

My Brother, Glenn, turned 30 this year, so I was going to buy the sword for him for his birthday. The only problem is that Mum delivered his birthday present from me to him, so I wasn't there to see him open it. As a result, for his Birthday he got a signed copy of the anniversary edition of Magician by REF. He gets the sword for Christmas, so I'm there when he opens it.

In it's box, it only just fits in the car!

After that it was home, unload, then back out again to pick up the Atari cart that I won at auction (handy with the owner living in Brisbane) and then to Carindale to see if I could get one of the cassette adaptors. I eventually found one at Dick Smiths.

Then home, packing and piss-farting around.

Up-coming plans:

Tuesday (Christmas Eve) - Work for about a half day, then home, change, pack and leave for the drive to St George. It's going to be about six or seven hours, so I don't expect to get there until midnight.

Wednesday through Sunday - Christmas with the family. Driving back on Sunday.

Monday - back at work, and maybe another update. Who knows?

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