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Mine, all mine...

Travis is back in Brisbane this weekend for a wedding so I have the house all to myself (and four cats), which I'm really looking forward to.

Don't get me wrong, Travis is a really good housemate, probably the best I've ever lived with. It's just that there are times when some time alone is good. It also doesn't help that I don't like doing housework where there are other people in the house (weird quirk of mine), so with him gone for a while I'm intending to get a lot done.

The only plans I have this weekend that involve leaving the house is Nemesis tonight (if Fergie picks me up), and possibly go out sometime over the weekend to pick up the new Harry Potter book (have to remember to finish reading book six before I start reading book seven), possibly a new web cam, leave the gym I'm currently a member of (Fitness First) and join one that's closer and less out of the way (Brunswick City Baths).

Other than that it's stay at home and get stuff done (and hopefully chat to towkarn)

I'm actually very much looking forward to a quiet weekend. The next couple months of weekends are very busy already.

This weekend: nothing major.
27, 28, 29 July: Possibly a work dinner, and Travis is running The Wake on the Sunday at Fi and Adam's place.
3, 4, 5 august: The ever lovely fred_bear is down for the weekend, and I think a shopping expedition is planned.
10, 11, 12: Birthday party to go to on the Saturday night.
17, 18, 19: A friend is flying down Saturday morning, we're both going to another friends place for his 30th Birthday. It's a surprise party, so it should be fun.
24, 25, 26: My birthday is on the Sunday, so I'm planning on doing something on the Saturday. Not sure what yet, but pencil it in to your diaries anyway.
31 August, 1, 2 September: crazyjane13 is having a Meaning of Life Birthday party.
7, 8, 9 September: The orchestra that mareth_redorb is part of is performing a concert of Carmina Burana on the Sunday. Really looking forward to it.
14, 15, 16: VorpalCon in Adelaide. I'm staying with Bec and Aaron for the weekend and running three games from my back catalogue. At the moment there seems to be only four role playing games total listed on the con website, three of them mine, so I hope more is happening, otherwise it's going to be a very small con.
21, 22, 23: Unicon is on that weekend, plus I should have towkarn visiting then as well.
28, 29, 30: I think that's Sydcon and Grand Final Weekend, neither of which I am intending to have anything to do with as I think I'm going to need the break.
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